Aerjet S.r.l. is an Italian company which produces and commercializes perforated metal ducts for air distribution in industrial environments, commercial environments and for the rail sector.

Aerjet S.r.l. draws its origins from a design studio of thermal plants, for this reason it has a particular experience in the dimensioning of ducts. Strong with this know-how acquired, AERJET S.r.l. guarantees a high standard of quality to its customers.

Metal ducts are in fact very suitable for the research of maximum comfort in both heating and cooling systems.

We are proud to take care of every project with extreme precision, thanks to our dedicated computing software that allows us to develop metal ducts in the most suitable forms (circular, semicircular, quarter circle, etc.) and for any environment (food industries, conservation cells, shopping malls, sports facilities, recreational facilities, etc...).

Every order is “custom made” in close collaboration with our customers to meet their specific needs. One noteworthy aspect is the visual impact: the metal ducts are appreciated not only for their technical features, but also for their aesthetic qualities.

AERJET S.r.l. it is worthwhile to use only the materials tested and approved on the basis of recognized and high professional standards.