The High Induction air conditioning systems with perforated metal ducts guarantee an excellent distribution and temperature uniformity.

Some features of the perforated metal ducts:

Uniform distribution

The uniformity of distribution is continuous along the entire duct length and the optimum air distribution provides a draft-free environment.

High Induction

The High Induction systems (mixing of the ambient air with the introduced air) guarantee an excellent distribution and temperature uniformity.

Easy installation

The easy and rapid installation of perforated metal ducts reduces costs (reduction of installation time of up to 30 % compared with traditional systems).


The perforated metal ducts can be easily cleaned due to lack of insulation.

Losses of load

The static pressure required for perforated metal ducts is lower than the required pressure for traditional systems.

Pleasant look

The systems can be exposed at sight, due to the pleasant look of the metal ducts in stainless steel, copper or painted version.

Air recovery

The perforated metal ducts can be used both for air supply and for air recovery.


The perforated metal ducts are non combustible. They can therefore be used in plants where the class 0 fire reaction is required.


The costs of AERJET air distribution systems is lower compared to conventional systems.


Textile diffusers find their best use:

In environments where it is important to provide homogeneous air distribution, because the input is continuous along the entire length.

In large environments, in order to reduce installation costs and time.

In environments where controlled hygienic conditions are required, because they are washable and do not release fibres.

In warehouses that do not bear overloads, due to their lightness