AerJet S.r.l. - Textile ducts for air conditioning distribution


The choice of textile air ducts AERJET is based on the following criteria:


Circular diffusers are preferably used in large environments, namely: industrial plants, swimming pools, cold rooms, supermarkets, shopping centres.

Semicircular diffusers, which maintain their shape even with fans stopped, are more suitable for shops, offices, hospitals, environments with limited high in general.

Other shapes are possible, given the ease of processing of the tissue (e.g. quarter-circle, lenticular shape, etc.).

Air jet

The so-called HIND diffusers are made with rows of holes on air-impermeable fabric and are the most widely used.
They allow launching the air in the directions and at the speed desired, so they can be used even in case of high installation elevations, for both heating and cooling, as is the case of for traditional diffusers.
The high induction (ambient air mixing with the incoming air) of this diffusion system provides excellent temperature distribution and uniformity. The residual velocity of the air on people is kept within the limits established by UNI 10339 and UNI EN 13779 regulations.

The so-called MICRO PERFORATED diffusers let air into the environment through the micro perforation at very low speeds, without annoying drafts and are particularly suitable in refrigerating systems.

During heating can be used only in areas of restricted height (approx. m 3.50), performing the return air intake from below, in order to prevent the stratification of hot air at the top.

MICRO PERFORATED diffusers can also be used in “displacement” air distribution systems.


Light fabric, made ​​airtight and flame-retardant by means of resin coating, it has the ministerial approval that certifies its reaction-to-fire class B1. It has a low cost and it is machine washable.

Fabric of class A1 reaction to fire.

The high quality of fabrics guarantees strong durability, extreme tear resistance and high dimensional stability under load.

Fabrics are available in standard basic colours. Every colour of the RAL matching system can be provided on request.

Support system

- Cables and turnbuckles.
- Rails and sliders.
- Aluminium profiles and “bolt-ropes” which is a continuous support.